Darren Duncan for Congress

Darren Duncan is a seventh-generation farmer whose family began working the land in Vermilion County in 1820.

Darren Duncan is Running for Congress to Stand with President Trump in the Fight for Our Conservative Values.

Socialists in Chicago and Washington are determined to destroy President Trump and our American way of life. These career politicians will stop at nothing to enact their liberal agenda and completely remake our country. We need everyday Americans to step up and stand by our president’s side.

Darren Duncan will work side-by-side with President Trump to pass a conservative agenda that reflects the values of central and southern Illinois.

In Congress, Darren Duncan will:

-Protect the 2nd Amendment and Defend the Sanctity of Life
-End Illegal Immigration and Build the Wall
-Fight for Taxpayers by Cutting Spending and Lowering Taxes

Darren Duncan’s values are local and deep rooted in the community. As a seventh-generation farmer whose family has been working the land in Vermilion County since 1820, he knows central and southern Illinois values because he has lived them his entire life.